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Established in 2018

About Us

Professional Video Recording and Editing

We are the small video production company that can produce big results!


Nick Mellis


Our team has over thirty years of video production experience!


Professional Services

Live Video Recording

Our team can video stream/record an event onsite with edits included on the spot.

Video Editing

Need already existing video tape edited? ? No worries we can edit it for you!

Video Depositions

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Performance Recording

Play’s, concerts, musicals, speaker’s, weddings, etc? We can videotape it all?

Green Screen Services

With Chroma key technology we can video tape you with any background {being inserted during or afterward} that you wish!

Book us for your event

We specialize in videography and photography for LIVE events

A Good Lead for Us

– Anyone in need of a professional videographer.

– A small to medium-sized business that would like to turn itself into a TV Show.

– A court reporter and or lawyer that needs video depositions done.

– An event planner that needs a videographer for live events.

– A corporation that needs corporate training/safety videos produced.

– A family or couple planning a wedding or baptism or bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.

Videography work located between High Point and Cape May New Jersey. Buck’s County, PA.

– A band that needs a music video shoot or a live performance recorded.

Videography that requires a green screen.

Real Estate Agent that needs a home videotaped.

Aerial Drone videography.

360′ Videography.

Someone who just needs editing.

Someone looking to produce a Video Resume.

Someone looking to produce a film/documentary.

Someone in need of a videographer to record household belongings for insurance purposes.

– A 501c3 organization that is looking to create membership benefits with my company.

Someone who is interested in earning a 10% commission for forwarding a lead that turns into a sale. The commission is paid after the final payment is collected.

Any person who is a life/business coach who puts on seminars.

Someone who wants to stream a house concert.

We give back 10% of the final bill after the final payment from a lead turned customer to a 501c3 charity that we can agree on.



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